Botox is used in a medical procedure to treat some muscle conditions in the human body. It is also used in a cosmetic procedure to get rid of wrinkles which it does by temporarily paralysing your muscles. Botox is obtained from a certain neurotoxin known as botulinum and is produced by a certain bacterium known as Clostridium botulinum. Several clinics provide Botox in Glasgow and this article is to help you understand how this medical procedure works as well as some of the risks associated with it.

Botox in Glasgow – How it works

Botox is one of the best non-surgical cosmetic procedure. Botox is introduced into your muscles and works by blocking nerves signals from reaching to your muscles. This makes it impossible for the injected muscles to undergo contraction. This causes your muscles to assume a relaxed and soft texture. Botox is commonly injected on the forehead, frown lines and also on the crow’s feet. However, if you have wrinkles as a result of sun damage or gravity, Botox will not help you.

 Botox Procedure

Botox procedure takes very few minutes, and administration of anaesthesia is not necessary. A fine needle is used when injecting Botox into your muscles, very little discomfort is experienced during the injection. The specific muscles to be injected are identified, and the full results of Botox can be expected after a week or seven days. One week prior to this procedure, people are advised to stay away from alcohol as one of the safety precautions. Also, the patient should stay away from drugs such as Aspirin or any other anti-inflammatory medications, two weeks before this medical procedure. This is important so that effects of bruises can be minimised.

If you are injected today with Botox, you will stay up to six months without a need for re-administration. However, after the six months, wrinkles will start re-appearing again on your face, and you will need the injections again. However, the wrinkles will not be as severe as before, and with frequent medications, the muscles will go on, relaxing even more.

 What are the side effects?

When administered properly and by a professional, Botox has very few side effects since it is not a surgical procedure. However, one may experience some temporary bruising as well as some headaches in some people. However, cases of headaches are very rare.

It is important however that you have a consultation with your doctor who will advise you on whether you should go on with this medical procedure or not. For Botox in Glasgow, Dr Darren McKeown is known as the city’s foremost Botox practitioner. Dr Darren’s clinic in provides extensive information and consultation options those contemplating Botox in Glasgow. Please note that pregnant women, lactating mothers or patients suffering from the neurological disease are not fit to for this procedure. Also, depending on your wrinkles, Botox may not work for you, and therefore, you should make sure to visit a doctor with a good reputation so that you can be advised and instructed appropriately such as Dr Darren McKeown.

 Is Botox insured?

For most insurance companies in Glasgow, a medical procedure carried out for cosmetic purposes may not be insured. However, it is important that you consult with your insurance to know what is covered and what is not covered before considering Botox in Glasgow.