The sport of Basketball is ranked as the ninth most popular sport in the world. It’s one of – if not – the most popular sport in America. But it is nowhere near being considered popular in the UK. The leagues in the country have small attendances, and you won’t usually see many pick-up games in the country. We think that this should change. It’s a great, enjoyable sport to play. Not to mention all of these great ways that it can improve your fitness:

1.      Calorie Burner

Depending on your weight and size, you burn on average around 600-900 calories per hour in a competitive game of Basketball. This is because of all the aerobic activities that are involved in the sport. In a typical game you will find yourself running, jumping and doing quick lateral movements.

2.      Good for the Heart

Playing Basketball on a regular basis is great for your cardiovascular health. This is because it increases your cardiovascular endurance. Basketball is a game that is constantly moving. You have to transition from defence to attack quickly, which keeps the body constantly moving.

3.      Improves Concentration/Discipline

Like most sports, Basketball is filled with rules. Because it is a team game, if you don’t abide by the rules your team will be punished alongside you. If you are playing on a regular basis then you will get to learn the rules more. The brain will focus more on playing fairly and avoiding foul play.

4.      Builds Up Bone Strength

A great way that Basketball improves your fitness is through building bone strength. Because of all the jumping and other physical exertion involved in the sport, the body will start to build more tissue around the bone. This then makes it less likely for breaks to occur.

5.      Great for Coordination

A lot of the tasks involved in Basketball are great for developing your coordination. Shooting free-throws and jump shots can develop hand-eye coordination. Rebounding develops full body coordination. As well as other aspects such as dribbling and defence will also develop other types of the skill.

6.      Develops Strength

Basketball provides a workout for your full body. This makes it great for developing lean, strong muscles. This is a contact sport that relies on a lot of strength. Parts of the game such as defending and rebounding rely on boxing out a competitor. This requires you to be strong.


7.      Improve Your Fitness: Spatial Awareness

Spatial awareness is knowing exactly where you are at any given moment. Due to the tactics involved in Basketball, having spatial awareness is vital to the game. It’s a very useful skill to develop.