Electric Golf Buggies For Sale- What You Need To Know

Electric golf buggies for sale across the UK are becoming more and more commonplace. This is due to an increase in demand from the golfing world for more golfing equipment as well as mobility aids for disabled golfers. In order to understand why electric golf buggies are often on sale and so popular it is important to learn more about the electric golf buggy itself and its qualities

electric golf buggy for sale

What Is The Electric Golf Buggy?

The electric golf buggy is small vehicle that can transport people as well as small loads e.g golf bags over distance across golf courses. Most common electric golf buggies are battery powered although there are also petrol and diesel versions which tend to be used for more commercial tasks. The electric golf buggy was first properly introduced into the world of golf around the late 1960s and since then has increasingly grown popular amongst the golfing community. When looking to source the electric golf buggy for sale there may be a range of different things to consider.

electric golf buggies for sale

One of the most important things to consider before buying a gold buggy is budget. In order to purchase the electric golf buggy your budget should meet the asking price of the buggy on sale. Overall the price of electric golf buggies stays fairly similar which means that you are unlikely to go over budget on them. Another thing to consider when you are looking to purchase an electric golf buggy is its capabilities. For example if the buggy is designed for mainly tarmac and light use then it would not cope well with being driven off-road.

electric golf buggies for sale

What Led To The Popularity Of The Golf Buggy?

Lots of different things have led to the golf buggy becoming popular. One of the main reasons for its popularity has been its use in the United States. In the 70s and 80s golf buggies were becoming a very common site both on tv and on the golf courses in the US. Everyone from A list celebrities to pro golfers were using them as it became almost a status symbol or fashion accessory of the golf course. As a result a lot of golf buggies have been made available in the UK as demand has increased.

Another reason for the increase in demand for golf buggies has been more disabled and elderly golfers getting involved in the sport. As time has gone on peoples attitudes have changed and the sport is now a lot more accessible than it had ever really been in the past.


To conclude electric golf buggies for sale in the United Kingdom have become more accessible than ever before and the market is perfect for golf clubs looking to invest in their club and improve overall accessibility for their members and club visitors.

Common Misconceptions About Owning Blinds in Glasgow

Some people out there, favour curtains massively over blinds.This may be because some people have misconceptions when it comes to blinds. This article will bust these common myths about owning blinds in Glasgow.

They Aren’t Practical

Blinds are practical and this is mainly to do with the ease of use. Most types of blinds will come with a pull system to lower and raise them. There is no loose hanging fabric – like you may get with curtains and they are far less bulky and can be streamlined to fit the window.  

They Only Suit Certain Rooms

Not every type of blind will suit every room once you bring colour or patterns into the equation. But most styles of blinds in Glasgow will suit any room. Finding the right ones for you can be made simple by a simple search of “blinds in Glasgow” online.

Struggle to Get the Right Size

There are far more options for blinds these days than there ever has been. Due to the popularity, there are many companies out there that will custom make blinds in Glasgow. This allows you to choose the style, colour and size all in one and get the exact look you are going for. Made-to-measure blinds aren’t even much more expensive than premade blinds.  

They Are Hard to Clean

Blinds can be taken down whenever you like, which can make it cleaning fabric blinds incredibly easy. You can either choose to clean them at home or take them to get cleaned professionally. Venetian blinds, wooden, plastic and mental blinds can all be simply wiped down with a damp cloth and don’t need to be taken down to do so.

Installing Them is a Hassle

Depending on the company you choose to provide your blinds in Glasgow, installation may be a hassle. However, when choosing a company like Casa Blinds to provide them for you, installation is easy. They will come to your home and install them for you, hassle free and free of charge.

They Never Match Décor

Depending on the type of blinds you choose, they may not match your décor, however, that can be said for pretty much anything. If your bedroom is pink and you opt for green curtains, then this will likely not match your décor.

Your Limited to Choice

With blinds it is quite the opposite, you are absolutely spoilt for choice. Not only are there so many styles of blinds, there is also a variety of materials and endless colour and pattern options. Some of the most popular style of blinds include;

  • Vertical blinds
  • Venetian blinds
  • Roller blinds
  • Roman blinds
  • Cellular blinds
  • Micro blinds

Getting Blinds in Glasgow

If this article has changed your opinion on blinds and you have decided that blinds in Glasgow are a good fit for your home, then don’t hesitate! The only issue you may be faced with is too much choice.

Newborn Photography Glasgow

Newborn Photography Glasgow: Everything You Need To Know

Having a baby is a magical time. So why not capture the magic with a newborn photography Glasgow session. Having your new child photographed professionally will allow you to look back on a special time in your life whenever you want – after all, they’re not going to stay that small forever! You may have some questions about how to go about getting newborn portraits. Luckily CA Neil Photography (an excellent photographer that specialises in newborns and babies) has answered some of the most asked questions.

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Chimney Cleaning

Keeping your home clean – Why it is Important to get your Chimney Cleaned

Getting your chimney cleaned is an extremely important part of owning a functional chimney.

How Often Does Your Chimney Need Cleaning?

How often your chimney needs swept is dependent on the type of fire or stove.

  • Smokeless Fuel: at least once a year
  • Wood Burning & Coal: quarterly when in use
  • Oil Stoves & Gas Stoves: once a year

Not only will your chimney get cleaned but it will also get inspected to ensure that no damage has occurred between chimney sweep visits. If you are looking for a professional company to carry out your Chimney cleaning then contact a reputable company. With plenty of experience and trained experts to carry out the work.

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SEO Glasgow

SEO Glasgow – What You Need To Know

The digital world is continuously and rapidly changing. We have gone from massive phones to tiny computers in our pockets, from bricks to shards of glass. Not only that, the development of the smartphone and its capabilities is far more than we could have imagined 20 years ago. We can order almost anything online, have meetings from different time zones and explore a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips. That last section is especially important. Businesses now depend extensively on the digital world, so the way they interact with their customers and other businesses has changed dramatically. When 81% of us investigate a product or service online before buying, it’s important to be seen online. This is where SEO Glasgow is highly important. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and it has the power to change your business.

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5 Ways to Wake up Happy

The most crucial part to determine the rest of your day is the 1 hour after waking up. A lot of people are not the happiest when waking up in the morning to get ready for the day ahead and view it as a chore. By putting yourself into a positive routine each morning this will help you wake up happy and push you towards a more positive and productive day.  Here we look at the various steps that can help you wake up happy and ready for the day ahead.

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Steps to help Reduce Workplace Stress

Stress. The unpredictable weight that plagues us all at one point or other. With 1.3 million people in the UK suffering from a work-related illness there has been an increase the total number of cases over the last 3 years. According to Labour Force Survey (LFS)workplace stress is often due to tight deadlines, workload pressure and lack of support. Not all stress is bad, stress can drive us closer to our goals with determination. However, it’s learning how to manage the stress when it becomes overwhelming. Here are some steps to help put you back in control.

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