Basement conversion

Basement Conversion Could Increase the Value of Your Home

If you have a cellar or an area below the ground under your home it could be suitable for a basement conversion.  It could only take a quick survey to find out if your property can be converted, and it can also protect your home from future damp related issues.

Basement conversion

Basement Conversion to Stop Damp

Cellars are below ground areas in a home, and as such they can be affected by cold and damp problems.  Most new buildings that have cellars will have already been installed using modern building methods that ensure that damp is not an issue.  However if you happen to live in a house that has a cellar that wasn’t built in the last 20 years or so, there is a chance that it could be susceptible to damp and water ingress issues.  The best thing to do is get a free survey from basement conversion experts that will not only tell you if your property is suitable for a conversion, but also whether or not you could have ongoing damp problems that need to be addressed.


Conversions Add Resale Value

There are numerous benefits to having a usable cellar space within your home.  If you have an existing cellar that is already there, but not very usable, the hard work has already been done.  This free space represents an adorable way to get more usable living space within your house.  Many people choose to use it as an additional storage option, or even play area, work space and more.  It can make use of the space and give you more usable living space, but it can also add considerable resale value onto the value of your home. 

Basement conversion

Waterproofing the Cellar Space

Very often the existing cellar space will not be properly waterproofed, or it will have outdated water proofing that will not completely seal the room and make it 100 per cent water tight.  Since basement areas are below ground level then water can seep up from the ground and enter the area, causing damp and even flooding.  Many people don’t want to utilise their existing cellar space because they have concerns that it is too damp.  Thanks to modern construction methods, most companies who offer cellar conversions can make you basement space fully water tight.  Usually a water management system is also installed, and this channels and manages water that does enter the cellar and collects and removes it.

Basement conversion

Contemporary Basement Space

Nowadays there is no reason why you should not make full use of your existing cellar space and turn it into a proper functional area of the house.  You no longer have to worry about ruining your furniture, carpets and soft furnishings.  Modern waterproofing methods mean that conversion companies can seal up your basement and deal with any water that does creep into the space without it spoiling anything in the room.  If you are thinking about converting your cellar, you should speak to a professional company that can survey your property and advise you further.


Top Tips For Buying a Home in the UK

If you are looking to buy a house in the UK, buyers need to be aware of what they are getting themselves into.  Buying a home is the single biggest purchase of your life, and getting it wrong could prove very costly.  So we thought we would gather together our list the main things to look out for and consider when buying a home.

Our first tip is community based, and we think this is important as many people do not ever consider this process when they are interested in a house.  If you find a house you like and are serious about it, spend some time checking out the neighbourhood. 

Location is important and you should try to get an idea of what the location offers you.  Try to visit local amenities like shops, pubs and restaurants and get a feel for the general area.

Our second tip is quickly becoming the norm for property buyers but it is important to mention none the less.  Get your phone out and take pictures and videos of all the homes you go to view.  This will help you to make decisions later and will become a point of reference for that individual house.

Thirdly, you should look carefully at the condition of the house itself.  Here’s a list of the major things that should be avoided:

  • Damp – wet spots, mould and condensation are tell tale signs that damp has been a problem with the property for awhile
  • Ceilings – check for cracks, stains and leaks – these can be costly to rectify
  • Doors and windows – check them all
  • Heating – check the central heating system works and make sure the radiators get hot
  • Exterior – check walls, woodwork, windows from outside
  • Attic space – check the attic space and look at the roof beams and make sure there is no damp
tarmacing a drive

Why Tarmacing A Drive Could Save You Money

Tarmacing a drive is process that thousands of homeowners go through every year. However many people do not realise the full potential and benefits that can enjoyed as a result of having a driveway created at their home.

What Are The Benefits To Tarmacing A Drive?

Some of the main benefits to tarmacing a drive are as follows:

  • Provides a smooth surface for your vehicle reducing overall wear and tear
  • Adds to the aesthetic look of your property overall
  • Allows for more room for parking
  • Can add value to the property overall as parking is often highly sought after
  • Tarmac is highly durable and weather resistant meaning it can last for many years with little to no maintenance
tarmacing a drive

Alternative Forms Of Driveway

As well as a tarmac driveway there are a number of other materials that can be used to construct a driveway. One of these is asphalt. Asphalt is a material that is similar to tarmac but has a number of fundamental differences. Here are some of the main advantages of Asphalt.

  • Exceptionally durable and less prone to cracks and other damage
  • Can be easily maintained
  • Can prevent build up of ice thanks to heat retention properties
  • Can be constructed over a short time period

Another form of driveway which could be built for a property is a concrete driveway. Like asphalt and tarmac concrete driveways have their own unique selling points.

  • Robust and weather resistant
  • Can last for long periods of time
  • Tough material which can handle Light damage
tarmacing a drive

Alternative Home Improvements

Whilst driveways are an important addition that can be made to your property there are of course other factors that can influence your property overall. One form of home improvement which you may wish to consider is refurbishing your kitchen.

A kitchen in any property is important as this is where food is prepared and it should generally be a clean and and fairly hygienic area with plenty of space for food as well as food storage. One issue that could occur within your kitchen is damp.

Damp can lead to mould and other serious property problems within your home. Giving your kitchen a full refurbishment can improve the overall look and feel of the kitchen as well as ensuring that it is a safe and healthy environment to prepare food in.

Having said this there are a number of different ways in which damp can be prevented other than kitchen refurbishment. One way in which damp can prevented is having new windows fitted to the property. Having new windows fitted means that overall heat retention can be improved and this means that damp will be eliminated overall allowing for a safer cleaner kitchen.

tarmacing a drive

Conclusions On Driveways For A Property

Overall there are a number of different conclusions that can be drawn about the positives and negatives of having a driveway constructed for our property. Without a doubt there will be costs involved in the construction but there are ways in which this money can be made back. For example, the driveway could be rented out as a private parking space.

Furthermore even if it is not being actively used it still increases the value of your property overall thanks to the overall benefits offered by a driveway.Overall the tarmac driveway offers the best value for money coupled with durability , practicality and overall effectiveness.

Best Upholstery Tips from Upholsterers in Edinburgh

If you are considering getting furniture reupholstered, then you may want to consider getting some tips for upholsterers in Edinburgh before making the leap. They can advise you on the best thing to do for your tired piece of furniture.

Is the Piece Worth Reupholstering?

Whether a piece is worth reupholstering or not is entirely based on your preferences. If you like the piece of furniture and don’t want to see it go, then it is 100% worth it. If it’s an antique, it’s probably worth it, especially if you can sell it on afterwards! If the piece is poorly built or if you don’t like the shape, then it’s important to keep in mind that upholstery cannot work miracles. It can only change the fabric and padding of a piece of furniture. Furniture restoration can be used if the item is broken but again, you cannot expect miracles if you don’t like the piece of furniture to begin with.

Choosing the Best Fabrics from Upholsterers in Edinburgh

When choosing the best upholstery fabric for you, it’s important to take the following into consideration;


Upholstery fabric needs to be durable for two very important reasons. 1. The fabric needs to be stretched over the piece of furniture to ensure it is smooth and in place. 2. Once the fabric is stretched you will want to ensure that you will get the most wear out of it as possible.


Choosing a style that you like is essential when you are choosing upholstery for upholsterers in Edinburgh. There are many different fabrics to choose from so ensuring you get what you’re looking for shouldn’t be too much of a problem.


Your colour choice is also essential when it comes to going to upholsterers in Edinburgh. They will more than likely have plenty of colour options to choose from so you don’t need to worry about finding the perfect shade for you.

Other Considerations for Upholsterers in Edinburgh

There may be some other features that you want to take into consideration including;

  • Fade resistant
  • Mildew resistant
  • Allergies
  • Pets

Why is Reupholstery so Expensive?

Many people consider reupholstery to be expensive. Reupholsters in Edinburgh will tell you that compared to the cost of buying new furniture it is actually pretty reasonable. Especially on older pieces which are likely to be better quality than newer build furniture.

How to Get Upholstery for Less?

If you want to get upholstery for less, the best thing you can do is get work done before it gets too bad. For example, if the springs and padding in the seat are fine, then you may get away with just redoing the fabric upholstery, or even just top up the padding, which could cost significantly less. You could also choose less expensive fabrics but this may mean that your reupholstery won’t last as long.