Winter weather can wreak havoc on your skin. The harsh cold, freezing winds and dry air indoors can draw the moisture causing dryness and cracked skin.  We tend to focus on other exposed areas such as our hands and head, keeping them covered and protected but forget about our face. To keep your skin hydrated this winter follow our top tips.

Avoid the Heat

Whilst we love a good hot shower or bath to help us cope with the winter months, hot water draws out our body’s natural oils and moisture that we need. Try to wash in lukewarm water especially when washing your face and hands.

Replace the Moisture

We tend to lose more moisture in the winter months therefore it is important to moisturise straight after washing. Applying moisturiser immediately after washing seals in the dampness which will keep your skin hydrated for longer. Make sure to find a moisturiser suitable to your skin type as the wrong one can decrease its effectiveness. Also avoid products with petroleum based ingredients as this further dries out your skin. Aim for oil-based moisturisers with natural ingredients.


Hydrate the body

We tend to forget to drink as many fluids during the winter months which can have a negative effect on our overall health. Whilst your brain and body need to be hydrated so does your skin. Try and keep up your fluid intake with water and if you need to warm up try green tea or hot water with lemon to keep you hydrated this winter. Other ways to hydrate is through your diet. Try high water based foods such as watermelon, oranges, cucumbers and celery for that added hydration.

Swap the Wipes for a Good Cleanser

Whilst face wipes are the preferred option for cleaning your skin due to the quickness they tend to strip your face of its natural oils. Try and swap your wipes for a moisturising cleanser. This will help keep your skin looking refreshed and healthy over the winter months.


Overnight mini facial

Make the most of those hours resting by prepping your skin before bed and sleeping with a natural face mask to lock in those natural oils. Whilst sleeping we tend to lose body water which means our skin can feel dehydrated in the morning. Before bed try a simple almond or coconut oil mixed with your daily moisturiser to let your skin replenish overnight.


Boost your Natural Glow

We tend to look and feel better during the summer months due to the amount of time we spend outside. During winter we opt for duvet days and nights in to avoid venturing out into the coldness. This means we become more lethargic due to the lack of exercise and sunlight. Try and fit in a brisk walk or 15-30 minutes of exercise a day to help boost circulation, increase your metabolism and allow your body to build its natural radiance.

By following these simple tips you will be able to keep your skin hydrated this winter.