ring resizing
Chrome Jeweler finger sizing tools on white background.

Ring resizing is a technique taken on by jewellers, this is where a ring that is either too big or too small is resized to make it fit. Ring resizing can typically make a ring up to two times larger or two times smaller, but this is dependent on what the project is.

What Kind of Rings Can Be Resized?

For a ring to be resized it must be made of metal, so silver, gold and platinum are all prime candidates. The simpler the design of the band is, the easier it is to resize.

  • Tungsten cannot be resized because it is too hard
  • Rose Gold cannot be resized as it may crack
  • Some jewellers will avoid resizing titanium as it is difficult to resize

A ring must also have enough room to work on. For example, a full eternity band may not be able to be resized as the stones are set all the way around it so there is no bare metal to work with.

If your ring needs to go up or down more than two sizes significant stress may be put on the ring, and depending on the design, resizing may not be possible.

ring resizing

How Does Resizing Work?


To make a ring smaller the jeweller will cut a piece out of the band, form it back into a perfect circle and then solder it back together. It will then be cleaned and polished.


Making a ring lager is a more difficult process. The jeweller must stretch out the metal, and this can only be done up to have the size of the ring. If you require it larger than that another piece of metal will have to be added to the band. The ring is then soldered back together and again is cleaned and polished.

When ring resizing is done by a professional you shouldn’t be able to notice that the ring was ever cut.

ring resizing

How Long Does Ring Resizing Take?

Ring resizing usually takes between one and two weeks, but this may vary due to the rings design and the jeweller. But you should be given a rough date when you take it in.


How Much Does It Cost to Resize a Ring?

The cost of ring resizing depends on a number of things including; the metal, how complicated or time-consuming resizing may be. It can cost as little as £20 for minor jobs or hundreds of pounds if a more extensive job is required. Pricing will also depend on the jeweller you go to.

 ring resizing

Other Options if You Are Not Able to Get a Ring Resized

If a ring is only slightly too big (stays on but slips from side to side) then a jeweller may opt to give you a sizing assistant instead of ring resizing. A sizing assistant is a bar or two small beads that are added to the interior of the ring. They can decrease the size of the ring by about a quarter of its size. This method is most commonly used when the band is sporting a top-heavy diamond that swings back and forth on the finger.