Electric golf buggies for sale across the UK are becoming more and more commonplace. This is due to an increase in demand from the golfing world for more golfing equipment as well as mobility aids for disabled golfers. In order to understand why electric golf buggies are often on sale and so popular it is important to learn more about the electric golf buggy itself and its qualities

electric golf buggy for sale

What Is The Electric Golf Buggy?

The electric golf buggy is small vehicle that can transport people as well as small loads e.g golf bags over distance across golf courses. Most common electric golf buggies are battery powered although there are also petrol and diesel versions which tend to be used for more commercial tasks. The electric golf buggy was first properly introduced into the world of golf around the late 1960s and since then has increasingly grown popular amongst the golfing community. When looking to source the electric golf buggy for sale there may be a range of different things to consider.

electric golf buggies for sale

One of the most important things to consider before buying a gold buggy is budget. In order to purchase the electric golf buggy your budget should meet the asking price of the buggy on sale. Overall the price of electric golf buggies stays fairly similar which means that you are unlikely to go over budget on them. Another thing to consider when you are looking to purchase an electric golf buggy is its capabilities. For example if the buggy is designed for mainly tarmac and light use then it would not cope well with being driven off-road.

electric golf buggies for sale

What Led To The Popularity Of The Golf Buggy?

Lots of different things have led to the golf buggy becoming popular. One of the main reasons for its popularity has been its use in the United States. In the 70s and 80s golf buggies were becoming a very common site both on tv and on the golf courses in the US. Everyone from A list celebrities to pro golfers were using them as it became almost a status symbol or fashion accessory of the golf course. As a result a lot of golf buggies have been made available in the UK as demand has increased.

Another reason for the increase in demand for golf buggies has been more disabled and elderly golfers getting involved in the sport. As time has gone on peoples attitudes have changed and the sport is now a lot more accessible than it had ever really been in the past.


To conclude electric golf buggies for sale in the United Kingdom have become more accessible than ever before and the market is perfect for golf clubs looking to invest in their club and improve overall accessibility for their members and club visitors.