ring resizing

Ring Resizing | Everything You Need to Know

Ring resizing is a technique taken on by jewellers, this is where a ring that is either too big or too small is resized to make it fit. Ring resizing can typically make a ring up to two times larger or two times smaller, but this is dependent on what the project is.

What Kind of Rings Can Be Resized?

For a ring to be resized it must be made of metal, so silver, gold and platinum are all prime candidates. The simpler the design of the band is, the easier it is to resize.

  • Tungsten cannot be resized because it is too hard
  • Rose Gold cannot be resized as it may crack
  • Some jewellers will avoid resizing titanium as it is difficult to resize

A ring must also have enough room to work on. For example, a full eternity band may not be able to be resized as the stones are set all the way around it so there is no bare metal to work with.

If your ring needs to go up or down more than two sizes significant stress may be put on the ring, and depending on the design, resizing may not be possible.

ring resizing

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Glass Partitions for Office | Why They Could Be Right for You

Glass partitions for office can transform your workspace into a modernised and brighter one. There are many benefits to installing glass partitions in your office, and even more different types to choose from!

Types of Glass Partitions for Office

  • Glass partitions
  • Meeting rooms
  • Fire-rated
  • Acoustic
  • Single glazed
  • Double glazed
  • Framed glass partitions
  • Frameless glass partitions for office
  • Frosted/tinted/coloured glass partitions

glass partitions for office

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5 Ways Toward a Healthier Lifestyle

It’s just after the festive period. You ate way too many pigs in blankets, Christmas cake and chocolate. Your new year’s resolution is to get healthy. But you don’t know where to start? Fear not, the methods in this article will help you get healthier, which will make you feel better all around.


Think Positive

Research has shown that a positive attitude will see you achieve the best results, and this doesn’t just apply when getting healthy. If you have a bad attitude and think you can’t do it, then you won’t. Find motivation where you can, and don’t give into the temptation of saying “I can’t.”

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